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Education Quality and Policy Office

The Education Quality and Policy Office (formerly Educational and Student Policy) is responsible for three key areas: Quality Assurance, Enhancement of teaching and learning, and Student health and wellbeing. This business is conducted primarily through the General Board's Education Committee, and its sub-committees.

Officers of EQPO also provide administrative support to the Senior Tutors' Committee and its standing Committees, maintaining a strong link with College educational provision.

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The University's quality assurance procedures provide a framework within which its institutions can examine and enhance their teaching activities.

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Read more at: Curricula and assessment


These pages look at how the curriculum and assessment underpin learning and teaching, and encourages a strategic reflection on educational activities.

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Read more at: Student engagement


Students' views are important in assuring and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. 

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Read more at: Supporting students in learning and teaching


These pages provide further information about policies to support students in learning and teaching and welfare.


Read more at: Committees


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Read more at: Policy index & FAQs

Policy index & FAQs

These pages provide quick links to the main policy documents and guidance areas on Educational and Student Policy's website. 

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Further information for staff about the Foreign travel fund.